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Dem Senate Candidate: SCOTUS Ruling Worst Since Dred Scott

AP Photo / Dirk Lammers

Weiland continued in the fundraising email that the ruling had a was "strikingly similar in the indefensible power they give one group of human beings over another."

As Weiland wrote, the Dred Scott v. Sandford case was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court in 1857 where the high court found African Americans, both free or slaves, had not standing in federal court since they were not American citizens.

"Today's decision destroys the free speech rights of every American who cannot contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians," Weiland added. "It gives billionaires the unlimited right to completely drown out the voices of ordinary citizens with their billion dollar bullhorns."

Weiland's statement is some of the starkest criticism any candidate or politician has given in response to the Supreme Court's ruling. It came a few hours after the high court handed down its decision in a 5-4 ruling.