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Rick Scott Fundraiser Founded Drug Clinic Closed Due To Abuse Reports

AP Photo / J Pat Carter

Mother Jones reported in 2006 that "hundreds" of patients said they had been abused at Straight Inc. facilities. Samantha Monroe said she had been raped and starved and locked in a closet.

Monroe also said that after she escaped from the program Straight Inc. staff put her in a "timeout room" and "hog-tied her," according to Mother Jones.

Straight Inc., officials said those accusations were not true.

The California Department of Social Services in 1990 ordered one of Straight Inc.'s facilities, in Yorba Linda to close after investigators confirmed allegations of abuse. A year later, state officials in Virginia took away the Straight Inc. facility's license there, causing it to move to Maryland.

Thus far Sembler has donated $25,000 to the Florida governor's re-election efforts.