Republicans Push Back Against Charge Of Preparing Surrender On Bush Tax Cuts

Eric Cantor’s former top spokesman Brad Dayspring wants to set the record straight about the Bush tax cuts. 

The GOP needs to claim victories on taxes as they come – not by passing the Schumer tax increase, but by calling out the massive Democratic cave and admonition that lower rates are beneficial.  Republicans should highlight that, it’s a ideological inconsistency for Democrats on the tax issue, and we need to get back on offense rhetorically.
The statement comes in response to Democrats — including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — who say Republicans are preparing a rhetorical framework for caving on the issue. After GOP Rep. Tom Cole argued to fellow Republicans that they should acede to President Obama’s tax demands, Dayspring and other GOP communicators argued that Obama’s initial ask represents a huge move in the GOP’s direction, because it makes most of the Bush tax cuts permanent. However he cautions that Obama’s tax plan faces too much GOP opposition to pass in the House. 


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