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Report: McConnell 'Lit Into' Nebraska Senate Candidate For Ties To Senate Conservatives Fund

AP Photo / Nati Harnik

But instead of burying the hatchet, McConnell, according to National Review criticized Sasse both for his ties to SCF and the YouTube video. McConnell also asked Sasse about when he first started talking to SCF executive director Matt Hoskins.

Josh Holmes, a top political aide to McConnell told friends that the exchange was highly uncomfortable, even compared to other similar sit-downs McConnell had had.

"Voters in Nebraska want a senator who will stand up to the big spenders in both parties," Hoskins said in an email to TPM on Monday in response to the National Review story. "The fact that Mitch McConnell opposes Ben Sasse in the primary is further proof that Ben Sasse is the best candidate. He won't be a rubber stamp for the Washington establishment."

McConnell campaign spokesman Allison Moore refused to comment on the meeting.

"We don't discuss private meetings," Moore told TPM.

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