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Report: Liz Cheney's Husband On Voter Rolls In 2 States


A spokeswoman for Cheney told Politico that the Wyoming Senate candidate's husband had notified Virginia authorities to remove his name from the voter rolls, but did not say when he did so.

“Phil is registered to vote in Wyoming and has notified Virginia that he is registered in Wyoming,” Cheney campaign spokeswoman Brittany Wells said in a statement, as quoted by Politico. “He has not voted in Virginia since he registered in Wyoming.”

Cheney had her own residency dust-up this summer when she paid a fine for entering false residency information on a Wyoming fishing license application. She relocated from Virginia in May 2012, but received the license before the 365-day eligibility waiting period after closing on her Wyoming home.

She also recently had a public disagreement with her sister, Mary Cheney, over the issue of same-sex marriage. Mary Cheney later said she would not be supporting her sister's candidacy.