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Top Military Commander Called Rep. Ellmers 'Smoking Hot' In Email


"Briefing went well . . . she was engaging . . . had done her homework. She wants us to know’ she stands with us and will work/push to get the Fort Bragg family [redacted]," an email from Schweitzer read. "She is smoking hot."

The emails surfaced as a result of an investigation into the emails of Jeffrey A. Sinclair, a commander who faces a court-martial over sexual assault and adultery. The Post reported that the Army "censored the most offensive e-mail in its entirety, citing personal privacy interests."

Sinclair joked to Schweitzer about his email regarding Ellmers, "He sucks :-) still needs to confirm hotness."

Schweitzer responded to Sinclair's email more than an hour later, apologizing for the delay in responding to the email, teasing that he had masturbated "3 times over the past 2 hours."

Another snippet from the emails include Schweitzer saying he was trying to be funny.

"My comments were a terrible attempt at humor. I didn’t mean them literally or figuratively, I simply meant them to try and be funny during a very tense period within the command to a limited audience," Schweitzer wrote in the emails, according to the Post. "I know they were not appropriate. It was stupid."

Another part of the Washington Post report details how Air Force Brigadier General General David C. Uhrich had a vodka bottle in his desk and drank numerous times while on duty.

Read the full report here.

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