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Rand Paul: Benghazi Has 'Precluded' Hillary From Being President

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

"The thing is, this is about judgment," Paul said. "And we're talking about, should we as a country have a commander-in-chief who didn't provide adequate security in Libya, didn't send reinforcements and then gave us nothing but spin?"

"My opinion is that Hillary Clinton has precluded herself from ever being considered for that position," he concluded to loud cheers from the crowd.

Paul has already said the House select committee on Benghazi should "absolutely" subpoena Clinton.

UPDATE: 6:00 p.m. ET

Correct The Record, the pro-Hillary rapid response group, offered a response to Paul's comments.

“Rand Paul should be ashamed of playing partisan politics with this tragedy. Secretary Clinton took immediate action to prevent this from happening again,” Adrienne Watson, its deputy communications director, said in a statement to TPM. "This is no secret; it’s public record. Is Rand Paul so focused on partisan gamesmanship he’s lost sight of the facts, or is he willfully playing politics with a tragedy?"