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Krugman Rips Scarborough's 'Vile' Claim Of Census Cooking The Books On Obamacare

AP Photo / Francisco Seco

"You can argue that the Census decision to change its health-insurance questionnaire starting with the 2013 data wasn’t such a good idea — in fact, I know a number of health care experts who are dismayed," wrote Krugman, a liberal columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist. "But it’s really quite vile to have talk-show hosts who quite literally know nothing about the field, other than that they’re against covering the uninsured, casually accusing Census of “cooking the books” to support Obamacare." (Link in the original.)

Here's what Scarborough said: "Listen, the White Houses on both sides do their best to cook the books... This is a particularly clumsy effort."

The headline of Krugman's blog post? "Obamacare Truthers at MSNBC."