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GOPer Who Celebrated Low Minority Turnout Now Has Advice On How To Talk To Women

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Pat Hickey, the Republican Assembly leader in Nevada, offered up some advice Sunday on Twitter, urging his fellow members to change their approach to female voters:

But in an interview last year, Hickey dispensed no such wisdom on how his party can win over two other voting blocs that largely favor Democrats, predicting that 2014 will be "a great year for Republicans" because "[a] lot of minorities, a lot of younger people will not turn out in a non-presidential."

He tried to clarify his remarks in a subsequent interview.

"What I was trying to say, in Nevada, historically, off presidential years have historically been lower turnout models," Hickey said.

Nevada Democrats wasted little time highlighting the contrast between his candid remarks last year and his tips on how to win the support of women.

"Pat Hickey (yes, that Pat Hickey) has some advice for Republican candidates on 'how to talk to women,'" Zach Hudson, a spokesman for the Nevada Democrats, wrote in an email blast. "Apparently it involves being patronizing."