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Sarah Palin Trashes Boehner's Lawsuit Because It's Not Impeachment (VIDEO)


Echoing an op-ed she published this week on the Breitbart website, Palin said impeachment was the only device Congress could use to halt the actions of what she described as an “imperial President.”

“The one tool they have are articles of impeachment, let’s get going on that,” she said.

The former Alaska governor said legal experts have a list of 25 impeachable offenses and said the President’s main offenses are choosing not to enforce immigration laws, lying to the American people and fraud.

“A great awakening is due in this country and this is a message that will be sent to the president, that he is not an imperial president and lawlessness will not be accepted by the American people,” she said. “That’s not what he was elected to do, to create his own laws as he goes along.”

Boehner, who last month announced plans to sue over Obama's executive actions, wasn't receptive to Palin's calls for impeachment when asked about her comments Wednesday during a press conference.

"I disagree," the speaker said.


Catherine Thompson contributed to this report.