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Official: Kochs Didn't Give Money Directly In California Dark Money Case

AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli

In an interview with KNBC that aired on Nov. 2, the anchor asked Ann Ravel, the recently departed chair of the FPPC, about press accounts of the individuals behind the donations, whose identities have been pieced together using a partially redacted document released by the FPPC. 

"You believe the Koch brothers, Eli Broad, billionaire in Los Angeles, those were some of the names who were responsible for the money?" the anchor asked Ravel.

"Well it was not the Koch brothers," Ravel replied. "It was Eli Broad, and there were some others. The Fischers, and other major donors. Some of whom are Democratic, some of whom are on the Republican side. But those were people that were identified by looking at that document. The Koch brothers have never been implicated themselves as having been direct donors."

In a press release announcing the settlement with the Center to Protect Patient Rights and Americans for Responsible Leadership, the FPPC said that both groups operated as part of the "Koch Brothers' Network' of dark money political nonprofit corporations." 

(h/t Free Beacon