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Poll Unskewer: Obama Is Obviously Lying About Obamacare Enrollment

AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

Sadly, that's about as far as Chambers gets in explaining his rationale. The Obama administration lied about unemployment to win reelection, so of course, they would lie about enrollment for the president's signature health care law, he says. The detailed explanations that typified his 2012 coverage are nowhere to be found.

It's worth remembering that Chambers has company in high places, including the No. 4 Republican senator who accused the Obama administration of "cooking the books."

"Everything done by the Regime turns out to be a complete disaster, and when it's possible to skew or fabricate numbers to cover for their failures, that's exactly what the Obama Regime does," Chambers wrote. "This magic seven million Obamacare signups is no different than anything else reported by the Regime. Completely fraudulent, fake, and phony."