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3 Million People Have Signed Up For Obamacare Coverage

AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

The enrollment total as of Dec. 28 was 2.2 million, according to a report released earlier this month by HHS. That would indicate that at least 800,000 people have enrolled in the following weeks.

UPDATE: The Washington Post's Sarah Kliff reports that the new enrollment number is through Jan. 15.

It presages a slight expected drop in January enrollments from the 1.8 million who signed up during December, a spike likely spurred by the Dec. 23 deadline to sign up for coverage that started in January, but the January pace is well ahead of enrollment in October (106,000) and November (250,000), when was still considered broken.

Before Obamacare launched, the administration had projected seven million enrollees by March 31, when open enrollment closes. Administration officials have said they expect another surge in sign-ups as that deadline approaches.