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New York Daily News Cartoon Casts Michael Grimm As The Hulk


The Staten Island Republican physically threatened NY1 reporter Michael Scotto Tuesday night after he asked about a federal probe into his campaign finances.

"I will break you in half," Grimm can be heard telling Scotto on camera.

Daily News cartoonist Bill Bramhall drew Grimm as the Marvel superhero standing inside a pretty roughed-up Capitol Rotunda, with a man literally broken in half laying at his feet.

The green congressman offers a simple apology: "Grimm sorry. Grimm buy everybody lunch."

Scotto said after the incident that he'd never seen a politician get so angry with a reporter -- so just imagine Grimm morphing into the large green humanoid as he's asked about allegations that money was illegally funneled into his campaign. After all, he has a colorful history of hotheadedness.

View the Daily News' Grimm cartoon below: