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NJ Legislature's Investigation Into Bridge Closure Scandal Will Continue In New Year

AP Photo / Rich Schultz
"It's too early to make any pronouncements other than saying the review of the documents received so far continues to raise questions about the accountability of the Port Authority, the culture that exists that allows these types of things to happen, and how we're going to go about making sure that it doesn't happen again," Wisnieswki told TPM. 
The Assembly Transportation Committee issued subpoenas to seven officials involved in the incident demanding any correspondence between members of the Christie administration and Port Authority officials. 
Wisnieswki's committee was given subpoena authority over the Port Authority through the end of the current legislative session as part of an inquiry into toll price hikes. He told TPM he will ask the Assembly to re-authorize his subpoena power over the agency beyond the current session, which ends next month, to allow the investigation into the lane closures to continue. 
"It is not possible or feasible that the work the committee has to do will be concluded on or before Jan. 14,"  Wisnieswki said.