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NYT Public Editor: Paper Should Have Noted Change To Latest Christie Story

AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews

"This change was more than a nuance. Acknowledging that could have taken the form of a straightforward correction," Sullivan wrote. "The change also could have been explained in an editor’s note or could even have been acknowledged in a sentence in the body of the article."

Metro editor Wendell Jamieson defended the lack of a correction to Sullivan, arguing that editors made "dozens" of changes to the story as it evolved, and couldn't possibly change every single one. He also said that none of the changes altered the "essential truth of the story."

When Sullivan challenged Jamieson, however, he conceded that editors could have noted the wording tweak.

"I don't believe there's a correctible error in that initial lead," he told Sullivan. "But should there have been an editor’s note? Perhaps. I regret not suggesting that."

Christie allies criticized Wildstein for his claims and the Times for not acknowledging the change to the story.