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House GOPer: Freeloader Migrants Watch World Cup On 'Big Screen TVs'

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However, photos of the detention centers show immigrants crammed together sitting on cement floors and benches, and locked up in holding cells. Photos provided to the Houston Chronicle by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) show some of the depressing conditions that undocumented immigrants are living in.

After trips to a detention centers in Arizona and Texas, LA Times reporters Molly Hennesy-Fiske and Cindy Carcamo said the facilities were "crammed," "unsanitary" and "reeked of sweat."

Neugebauer said that undocumented immigrants came to the U.S. partially due to the fantastic detention centers.

"What they were told is coming true: 'Hey, if you get to the U.S., you're going to really enjoy being there.' We need to send a signal that if you get here, you're going right back," he said. "As soon as you send several planeloads of people back that have paid big money to get their kids's going to get their attention. We've got to send a signal that we cannot be the world's peacekeeper, and we can't be the world's humanitarian relief organization. The American taxpayers can't be responsible for this."

Even conservative pundit Glenn Beck recognized the horrible conditions at the detention centers, and on Tuesday said he would be sending food and soccer balls to undocumented immigrants at the border.