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Nebraska Tea Party Candidate Flip-Flopped On Medicare Part D

AP Photo / Nati Harnik

"I was opposed to it then and I'm opposed to it now," Sasse said in response.

Here's the thing though: The Washington Post reported Wednesday that in 2009 (after he had left the Bush administration) Sasse argued in an op-ed for U.S. News and World Report that the nation should use the Medicare Part D as a sort of guide or model to reform the country's healthcare system. Sasse wrote in the op-ed that "Medicare Part D is (or should be) a policymaker's dream: a government program that efficiently delivers high quality services, and does so under budget."

Asked about the op-ed, Sasse campaign manager Tyler Grassmeyer told the Post that the Senate candidate opposes Medicare Part D but, Grassmeyer added, "of all the entitlement programs … Part D has by far the best free market mechanisms."

Sasse's position on Medicare Part D and Obamacare are especially notable since he'been endorsed by the influential Club for Growth which strongly opposed Medicare Part D when it was passed in 2003. Barney Keller, a spokesman for the Club for Growth, stood by the group's support of Sasse.

"We think Sasse's exemplary record on our issues and his commitment to pass pro-growth policy through Congress speaks for itself," Keller told the Post. "We simply disagree with the content of this op-ed."