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South Carolina Focus Group Visibly Cringes At Trump's Foul Language (VIDEO)


Bloomberg Politics' Mark Halperin showed the focus group participants videos of Trump cursing at rallies, including a clip of the real estate magnate saying, "We're going to knock the shit out of ISIS" as well as "You can tell them to go fuck themselves!"

Participants covered their faces and gasped at the language. One older man crossed his arms across his chest as the clip rolled.

"It's crass," one female participant said. "It's not how you want your President of the U.S. to present."

A younger male participant, identified as Jacob, was asked if this kind of conduct would hurt Trump in South Carolina. While nodding, Jacob said, "(In) the Bible Belt? This is the belt buckle right here."

A woman added, "We don't tolerate that here."

Within hours, Trump disputed the legitimacy of the clips shown to participants.

Watch the focus group, from MSNBC, below: