“Morning Joe” Co-Hosts Clash Over Lack Of Women In Obama Administration (VIDEO)

A discussion on President Obama’s all-male cabinet nominees got heated on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday, with Joe Scarborough accusing his co-host Mika Brzezinski of hypocrisy over the lack of women in Obama’s inner circle.

Brzezinski, Scarborough said, harangued Mitt Romney over his “binders full of women” comment but gave President Obama a pass for nominating men to his top cabinet positions. 

“For Barack Obama and his team to savage Mitt Romney for a month off of an offhanded comment that really meant nothing, and here we are on something that matters,” Scarborough said. “And you’re forgiving him, while you lit into Romney for a month, and the media lit into Romney for a month, and now you all are hypocritically, and I will say it, hypocritically giving this man a pass because he’s a Democrat that you’re cheering for.”

At one point, Scarborough snapped his fingers at Brzezinski after she accused him of being chauvinistic.

Watch the video:



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