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'Patriot' Leader Backing Bundy Warns Reid May Get His 'Balls Ripped Off'


"All over this country, at this moment, we are still staring civil war in its bloody face," Vanderboegh said. "It can never be over until one side or the other wins."

"He is promising us all civil war on a vast scale," he continued.

Vanderboegh then told supporters that he is going to send Reid a soap dish for inciting a war.

"I will send it as a reminder, with the message 'Don't poke the wolverine with a sharp stick, Harry, unless you want your balls ripped off,'" he said to cheers in the crowd.

Recently, Politico reported that federal law enforcement was investigating threats against Reid after his Bundy comments. It was unclear what comments investigators were looking at.

Vanderboegh, a gun rights advocate, is best known for publishing the first hint of the Fast and Furious scandal on his blog. In an interview with TPM in 2012, Vanderboegh spun conspiracy theories that Republicans could be involved in covering up the scandal and that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) could have been blackmailed by the FBI.

Watch the video of Vanderboegh's speech via Right Wing Watch: