Michelle Nunn Won’t Commit To Backing Harry Reid


Michelle Nunn, Georgia’s Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, refused to say if she’d support Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) to stay on as Democratic leader.

Her remarks, reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday, came after a debate with Republican nominee David Perdue, when the question was posed to her. Here’s what she’s quoted as saying in response:

“I look forward to changing the composition in the leadership of the Senate. The way that we’re going to change Washington is to bring more people to recognize – to have the humility to recognize – that there are good ideas on both sides of the aisle…

“I will vote for the Democratic leader that I think best represents our capacity to get things done and move things forward. …”

Nunn’s dodge reflects her predicament between the voters of deep-red Georgia, where Reid and President Obama are unpopular, and the Reid-controlled campaign machine that is working hard to elect her.


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