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Fox News: Is Calling Michael Brown An 'Unarmed Teen' Playing The Race Card?

Fox News

Appearing on the show to discuss her op-ed column about Attorney General Eric Holder, Chavez explained to co-host Steve Doocy that Holder is "coming in before an investigation has even been complete" and "basically picking a side."

Chavez, the one-time nominee of President George W. Bush to lead the Department of Labor, then went on to discuss how this approach is "a travesty of justice." She said that the actions of this administration are "enhancing" racial fears by using "this mantra of the unarmed black teenager shot by a white cop" to incite the public and influence the incident.

"I think it is an exploitation of the black community," Chavez said. "I think it is playing the race card and I think it's disgraceful."

Watch the video, courtesy of Media Matters: