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Men Have Deep Ties To GOP Women's Group Attacking Wendy Davis

AP Photo / Eric Gay

The two aren't on the board of the group but they have strong ties to the organization. RedState Women's president, Lara Laneri Keel, is a partner at the Texas Lobby Group, where Toomey is the biggest name.

The Dallas Morning News also notes that the biggest beneficiary of RedState Women's work is Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Republican nominee in the gubernatorial race, whose consultant happens to be Dave Carney. The Texas Observer noted that the group has declined to disclose its financial backers, and said that "information wouldn’t be available before this summer’s round of financial reports, some four months away."

The group recently caught national attention when Red State Women PAC's executive director, Cari Cristman, said that Texas Women are too "busy" for an equal pay law. Watch that interview segment below: