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Media Matters Launches 'Mythopedia' Fact Check Tool Ahead Of CPAC


Here's how the site works. The front page is bar where users type in a claim. Searching that claim then pulls up "lies" or "truths" with research backing up whether it's a truth or a lie. For instance a search of the Obama administration on Benghazi directs to a page with the the lie "The Obama administration covered up the Benghazi attack by pointing to an anti-Islam video" and the truth "A bipartisan Senate report connects the Benghazi attack to an anti-Islam video" as well as evidence backing up the truth.

The site is starting with 400 entries and will be updated regularly. The updated fact checks will be done in real time by Media Matters staff. Media Matters will start soliciting tips and feedback from audiences and could possibly start moving highly involved users of the site into a more involved role.

"We're going to be launching a new action site fairly soon for our online audience and I think part of the idea would be that we start moving over people that are highly engaged audience members into this higher level of authentication where they're creating entries and waiting for review," Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone told TPM. "So the editor wouldn't just be the primary person creating entries, we would start opening up that process up for allies and for our audience and to create their own. And as long as [the entry] satisfies our editorial standards and is accurate we would then publish that entry. But we didn't want to start from that out of the gate because we basically didn't want to detract from the primary purpose which is that authoritative source."

Below is a walk-through video of the site created by Media Matters: