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McCain Says People Want Him To Run For President Again

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

“Particularly since the shutdown, I’ve had a spate of e-mails and letters and phone calls saying, ‘Run for president again,’ ” McCain told The Arizona Republic. “As you know, I’m seriously thinking about running for re-election to the Senate. But I think, in the words of the late Morris K. Udall, as far as my presidential ambitions are concerned, ‘The people have spoken — the bastards.’”

McCain publicly warned his fellow Republicans to avoid a government shutdown, which was ultimately brought about by a tea party-led campaign to defund the Affordable Care Act. Several days into the shutdown, McCain gave a memorable interview to Fox News during which he repeatedly blamed the GOP for the crisis. 

McCain said last month that he's giving serious consideration to running for re-election in 2016, after previously suggesting that he was "probably" serving out his final term in the Senate.