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McCain Calls Rodman An 'Idiot,' Harry Reid A 'Dictator' (VIDEO)


Host Piers Morgan asked McCain about some of the day's top stories and, true to form, the senator responded in pugnacious fashion.

What does he make of Dennis Rodman, the hall of fame basketball player who gave a bizarre interview on Tuesday while on his latest visit to North Korea.

"I think he's an idiot," McCain said while laughing, adding that Rodman has emerged as a mouthpiece for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"I think he's the very person that of not great intellect who doesn't understand that he really does provide propaganda for this very brutal ruthless young man."

Speaking of dictators, McCain was eventually asked about the current debate on Capitol Hill over an extension of emergency unemployment benefits, a legislative dispute that he said has fallen victim to Harry Reid's tyranny.

"Well, I'd like to find a way to pay for the $6 billion this cost. It's impossible for me not to believe that we can't find $6 billion in order to fund this rather than just increase the debt," he told Morgan.

"Second of all, we obviously need to reform the system. And third of all, Harry Reid, who has now become almost a dictator in the United States Senate, won't allow us any amendments to try to make it better. That's not the way the Senate has worked, particularly in the early years I was here. We would debate and we would amend and we would -- they would probably win votes — but at least Harry should give us a voice and allow us an amendment to make it better. That's what the Senate is supposed to be about and he stopping all of that."