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McConnell Challenger Bevin: The Founding Fathers Were 'Very Involved' In Cockfighting

AP Photo / Stephen Lance Dennee

The comments come less than a week after Bevin attended the rally. He's since said that he thought the rally was actually for supporters of states' rights. Bevin's presence there has also provoked the Humane Society Legislative Fund to call for Bevin, who is challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), to withdraw from the Republican Senate primary.

In the same interview Bevin said he's never "been to a cockfight" and doesn't "condone cockfighting."

"I'm going to defend the right of people to freely gather and discuss whatever they want to," Bevin said. "I'm a believer in the Constitution and in the First Amendment," Bevin also said. "Not just for raising money but also for freedom of speech."

(H/t: Phillip M. Bailey)

Listen to Bevin's remarks below:

Clarification: the Humane Society Legislative Action Fund, not the Humane Society, called for Bevin to drop out of the race.

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