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Mary Landrieu: Obamacare Is Imperfect But Shows 'Great Promise'

AP Photo / Dennis Cook

Her full statement:

"Today's enrollment announcement confirms what I have said since day one—the Affordable Care Act holds great promise and is getting stronger every day. Already, it is helping 50,000 Louisianians access quality, affordable health coverage that they can count on, and it has the potential to help another 240,000 individuals in working families across the state if Governor Jindal would say yes and do the right thing. I have also said since day one that the Affordable Care Act is not perfect. No law is. That is why I continue to push to make it work even better, including proposals to expand the number of ways people can purchase coverage. It is time for Republicans to stop the drumbeat of repeal and join us to make the Affordable Care Act work better. I will not allow private health coverage to be taken away from these 50,000 hard-working Louisianians. We are not going back to a time when they were one health emergency away from financial ruin, when people with pre-existing conditions were denied coverage, and when our mothers, sisters and daughters paid more for coverage simply for being a woman."