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Man Charged With Killing Friend During Botched Test Of Bulletproof Vest


According to video tape reviewed by Baltimore police, Mitchell put on the vest, looked into the camera and said he was ready to take a "deuce deuce in the chest."

Ramiro missed Mitchell's vest and instead shot him with a .22 caliber handgun.

Ramiro and the third person rushed to help Mitchell, and drove him to the hospital. Mitchell was declared dead a few minutes after they got to the hospital, according to police.

Officers were then called to the hospital and obtained a warrant for the video tape that captured the incident, according to the Baltimore Sun.

A spokesman for the Maryland attorney, Mark Cheshire, told the Baltimore Sun that prosecutors originally sought a second-degree murder charge, and the court commissioner later added the first-degree charge.

In May, a South Carolina man died after a friend allegedly missed his bulletproof vest while testing the body armor. Taylor Ann Kelly was charged with involuntary manslaughter after the incident.

Image via WBAL-TV