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Maddow Calls Out GOPers Who Left Bergdahl Briefing Early (VIDEO)


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) left after asking a question, and then quickly told reporters he learned "nothing."

On her show Friday night, Maddow highlighted the hypocrisy.

“It is so much more fun to demand information than to actually receive it,” she said. “Receiving it is boring and it takes forever and it’s totally not like just going on Fox News and complaining.”

The MSNBC host said it was ridiculous for outspoken lawmakers to skip briefings and complain about their lack of knowledge on the topic.

“If you’re skipping the briefing so you can complain that there’s no briefing,” she said, “We’re not laughing with you, Congressmen, we are laughing at you.”

Watch the clip, courtesy of MSNBC:

[H/t Raw Story]