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Liz Cheney Calls Obama A 'Disgrace' For Discussing Post-9/11 Torture (VIDEO)


Cheney said this was unacceptable.

"This president is an utter disgrace. He’s got a situation where, as your last two reports showed, you’ve got crises erupting around the world. And he is expending more time, more energy, more passion, more aggressive activity in targeting and going after patriots, heroes, CIA officers and others who kept is safe after 9/11," Cheney said on Fox News' Hannity.

"He’s lying about what they did, he’s slandering them, he went to Cairo and did it in 2009. Today he did it from the podium of the Oval Office. It’s a disgrace. It’s despicable," Cheney continued.

Guest host Monica Crowley asked Cheney if she thought Obama was criticizing the Bush administration in order to distract from his own presidential scandals.

"He really would like to change the subject," Cheney responded, adding that Obama "seems to take no responsibility for anything that’s happened on his watch."

Watch the video via Media Matters: