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Authorities Prepare For 'Armed Extremists' To Crash Occupier's Funeral

Sipa USA / Alex Milan Tracy

"With the amount of support on social media which some domestic extremists involved in the funeral have received, law enforcement should remain cognizant of the likelihood of the presence of domestic extremists travelling [sic] within their [area of responsibility]," it said. "This may include both militia extremists and sovereign citizen extremists.

The advisory goes on to display the types of flags anti-government militant-types are known to carry, including the Gadsden flag, III% flags and the Oath Keeper's symbol.

It notes "some or parts of these symbols are representative of patriotic and American revolutionary themes; they are often associated with extremism:"

The Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center is a so-called "fusion center," which allow for local and state officials to share intelligence and are funded by the Department of Homeland Security.