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Right-Wing Pundit Laura Ingraham Is Now An ABC News Contributor


The announcement came on Sunday's edition of "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," when Ingraham was appearing as a panelist.

According to Politico, Ingraham will continue to serve as a contributor to Fox News and will remain as host of her syndicated radio show.

Ingraham has been a pretty typical right-wing pundit. She pushes culture war tropes and expresses unease with "illegal aliens." Last month, after Louis CK told a joke on "Saturday Night Live" about God murdering his wife, Ingraham said she'd have loved to have seen the comedian "mock the Prophet Muhammed."

Ingraham has also been a consistent critic of First Lady Michelle Obama.

In her bestselling book "The Obama Diaries," billed as a "true and fictional account" of the Obama presidency, Ingraham portrayed the first lady as an unpatriotic elitist.

After I unpack Sasha’s room, I’ve got to get dressed and go to some damn military thing. Just what I need today. All that flag-waving, hillbilly music, hand-on-the-heart crap. To think that for the next four years I have to ooh and aah over the “sacrifice” of people who never graduated college . . . You want to know what sacrifice is? Giving up a cushy, six-figure, hospital board salary to play second fiddle to a man who still leaves his dirty socks in the middle of the bedroom floor.

Ingraham appeared on "The Colbert Report" in 2010 while promoting the book, engaging in a spirited (and often uncomfortable) interview with the heir to David Letterman's throne.