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Kris Kobach May Be Investigated By A Grand Jury–But It's Not What You Think

AP Photo / Charlie Riedel

Davis alleges that people who seek to register to vote online are having their applications lost or not delivered to county officials. He said when he was running for the Kansas legislature, he was discouraged from using the online registration system for voter drives, a claim the Kansas Democratic Party backed up according to the AP.

However, Cheyenne Davis, the party’s field and political director, said that complaints that of lost applications were likely due to a faulty application system, rather than any sort of criminal intent, the AP reported.

Likewise, the League of Women Voters did not believe that Kobach was involved in any criminal conduct, even though the the proof-of-citizenship voter registration requirement he has promoted is "bad law," the group's co-president Marge Ahrens told the AP.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it also did not see any evidence of criminal wrongdoing on Kobach's part, according to the AP. Both groups are suing the state over its proof-of-citizenship requirement.

Kobach did not respond to the AP's request for comment.