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KKK Leader Offers Way To Handle Border Crisis: 'Shoot To Kill'

Al Jazeera America

The man, who identified himself as Robert Jones, was interviewed by Al Jazeera America for a story that aired on Tuesday. He wore a white hood, white robe and blue jeans during the interview and talked about the "shoot to kill" policy that had been issued by his group, the Loyal White Knights.

“If we can’t turn them back I think we pop a couple of them off and leave the corpses laying on the border,” he continued. “Maybe they’ll see that we’re serious about stopping immigration.”

Jones told Al Jazeera America the immigration crisis was causing a rise in membership for the KKK.

"We get thousands of people calling us a day, sending money donations," Jones said. "People want to see more rallies, they’re begging us to come to their town."

Watch the interview:

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