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Kentucky Guv Begins Process Of Closing State's Obamacare Exchange

AP Photo / Timothy D. Easley

In a statement, HHS spokesman Ben Wakana said the feds were "committed to work with the state on a seamless transition."

“Kentucky’s State-based Marketplace has helped tens of thousands of Kentuckians shop for and purchase quality, affordable health insurance," he said. "A successful transition from Kynect to the federal Marketplace will require strong cooperation and commitment from the state of Kentucky to its residents who have gained health insurance under the Affordable Care Act."

At the outset of Bevin's gubernatorial campaign, he appeared ready pull out Obamacare out of Kentucky by the root, but as the campaign went on, the Tea Party-backed politician softened some of those promises.

For instance, he backed off vows to eliminate the Medicaid expansion in the state and has instead announced plans to work with the HHS on a voucher program akin to Indiana's.

As for the exchanges, health care policy experts told TPM back in November that the transition might cause some disruptions for users, but wouldn't have a major impact on the benefits Kentuckians receive.