Keith Olbermann Really Liked Alec Baldwin’s Rant

A fellow MSNBC exile is applauding Alec Baldwin for his 5,000-word tell-all.

Baldwin bid adieu to public life in a long-winded cover essay for this week’s New York magazine, and, in a series of tweets on Monday, Keith Olbermann indicated that he agreed with pretty much all of it.

The former MSNBC anchor and current sportscaster didn’t get Baldwin’s Twitter handle quite right (Baldwin tweets under @ABFalecbaldwin), but Olbermann expressed sympathy to the hot-headed actor.

Much of the essay focused on Baldwin’s use of a homophobic slur toward a photographer last year, a confrontation that led to the actor’s exit from MSNBC.

He took some shots at the cable news channel, calling Rachel Maddow a “phony” and lamenting that MSNBC is “as full of shit, as redundant and as superfluous, as Fox.”

That part of the piece probably resonated with Olbermann, who had his own ignominious exit from MSNBC in 2011 and levied a public zinger at the channel a couple months ago.


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