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Fox Doc: Obama Won't Keep Ebola From U.S. Because 'His Affinities' Are With Africa (AUDIO)

Fox News

“How can you protect a country you don't like? Why would you?" Ablow asked.

He then dove into Obama's "psyche" and explained what Obama is thinking right now.

"You miserable people have destroyed so much in the world in terms of good things, and now you're going to build a wall? Really? To insulate yourself from things that are devastating other nations when your gains are ill-gotten?" Ablow asked, pretending to be Obama.

Ablow said that even though American citizens elected Obama, he isn't our leader because "his affinities, his affiliations are with them, not us."

"We don’t have a president who has the American people as his primary interest, who believes the country has Manifest Destiny and has been a force for good," he said.

He also compared Obama to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein while claiming that Americans elected Obama because he hates the U.S.

"I think that we became psychologically mired in a form of national Stockholm Syndrome," Ablow said. "We said to ourselves, and the world, 'Look at this guy. We're going to elect this guy president. Why would you attack us? We're not even voting for somebody who likes us. This guy, who has names very similar to two of our archenemies, Osama, well, Obama. And Hussein. Hussein. Surely you won't attack us now because we've got a shield here of a guy who, as the leader of our country says we're bad.'"

Listen to the interview via Media Matters: