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Trump Spokeswoman Defends Muslim Ban: 'So What? They're Muslim' (VIDEO)


"There really is something new to the idea of banning an entire religious group from entering the country," Cupp said in response. "Peddling this unconservative, un-American, unconstitutional garbage has got to stop."

Pierson countered by saying that "never in United States history have we allowed insurgents to come across these borders."

"No one’s talking about allowing insurgents,” Cupp hit back. "You’re talking about not allowing regular Muslims. That’s what you’re talking about."

"Yes, from Arab nations,” Pierson replied. "You know what? So what? They’re Muslim."

"So what?” Cupp asked in response. "That’s not the America we live in, Katrina."

“But it is, S.E., simply because you have people coming across through the refugee system and the visa system — including the woman that came in San Bernardino on a visa system, as well as some of the 9/11 hijackers," Pierson said.

Watch the clip via CNN: