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Democrats Are Urging Kathleen Sebelius To Run For Senate

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

But a Sebelius Senate run wouldn't ensure Democrats took control of Roberts' seat. Not only does her resume include serving as the top healthcare official in the Obama administration for overseeing the Affordable Care Act but Democrats have also not controlled a Senate seat in Kansas since 1939.

That said, Sebelius was popular when she served as governor of the state and Roberts' reelection is further complicated by a primary challenge from tea partier Milton Wolf.

If Sebelius did run she wouldn't be the first Democratic candidate the party hopes could take advantage of intraparty fighting to win an otherwise likely unattainable seat. Former Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS) is running for Senate in the hopes of taking advantage of a contested primary between Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) and tea party challenger state Sen. Chris McDaniel.