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Most Americans Didn't Like Rove's Comments On Hillary's 'Traumatic Brain Injury'

AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli

The latest Washington Post-ABC News survey indicated that the man hailed as the "architect" of George W. Bush's two successful presidential campaigns may have outwitted himself. Two-thirds of Americans said they disapprove of Rove "raising questions" about the former secretary of state's "age and health."

Only a quarter of respondents said they approve of Rove's comments.

Rove has spent much of this month discussing Clinton's fitness for the presidency after he addressed her late-2012 hospitalization at a conference in California. He insisted that he never said Clinton had "brain damage," but contended that it's fair game to talk about a would-be candidate's health.

On Monday, Rove was at it again, calling Clinton is "old and stale."