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GOP's Kobach Declares Democrat Must Stay On Kansas Senate Ballot

AP Photo / John Hanna

According to a statement published by the Washington Post, Taylor said he had consulted with Kobach's office in drafting his paperwork to withdraw his name from the ballot. Taylor said he had spoken specifically with Brad Bryant, director of elections and legislative matters in the secretary of state's office.

"I again confirmed with Mr. Bryant that this notarized letter removed my name from the ballot," Taylor said. "He again said 'Yes.'"

Kobach was asked about Taylor's statement after announcing his decision Thursday.

"At no time did Mr. Bryant state that the filing that Mr. Taylor gave was sufficient," Kobach said.

Kobach is a member of Republican candidate Roberts's honorary campaign committee, according to Roberts's campaign.

It's not clear what the next step is for Taylor, or Democrats. The abrupt move to withdraw had thrown the race into disarray and prompted national Republicans to seize control of the Roberts campaign to avert a disastrous and unexpected loss that could undermine the GOP's efforts to win back the Senate majority.

Kobach acknowledged that a legal challenge could follow his decision. "The courts are always available," he said.