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Judge Skeptical Of True The Vote's Lawsuit Seeking Mississippi Election Records

AP Photo / Rogelio V. Solis

"It is far from clear that the plaintiffs asserting vote dilution claims suffered a 'personal injury' from any instances of double voting which may have occurred in the Republican primary elections, and they allege no facts plausibly suggesting that any such voter fraud was 'fairly traceable to the ... allegedly unlawful conduct' of either of the two defendants in this case," he wrote.

"In light of the foregoing, it appears that the plaintiffs who allege nothing more than having had their votes diluted lack standing to sue and that they may have been added to this case solely to give it a deceptively 'northern district' appearance."

True the Vote is an anti-voter fraud group that claims it is nonpartisan, but is largely supported by Republican lawmakers.

The McDaniel campaign is currently examining poll books, and claim they've found "thousands" of instances where ineligible voters cast ballots for Cochran.

Read the order:

Judge Michael Mills Orders True The Vote To Show Cause

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