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Iowa GOP Senate Candidate's Husband Called Hillary Clinton A 'Hag'

AP Photo / Nati Harnik

Gail Ernst wrote the comment as an addition to a picture of Clinton with text that read "Benghazi won't hurt me…You people just need to get over it. I will run for President if I want to."

Gail Ernst has been active in his wife's Senate campaign. Last year he delivered a speech at an Iowa GOP event focused on training grassroots activists. Buzzfeed also noted that Gail Ernst regularly uses his Facebook to highlight his wife's campaign for Senate. He has also made appearances on the campaign trail for his wife.

The Ernst campaign has recently attacked Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA), the Democratic nominee in the race, for an ad featuring a baby chicken. The ad attacks Ernst for "never making a peep" on government spending during her time in the state legislature. Critics of the ad suggested the ad is sexist because a "chick" is supposed to represent Ernst.

See Gail Ernst's post, which appears to have been taken down, below: