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Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News' 'Global Cooling:' 'That's Your Opinion!' (VIDEO)


Stewart really went off after playing a clip of Fox Business host Stuart Varney writing off the cold snap.

"Looks to me like we're looking at global cooling, forget this global warming," Varney said. "That's just my opinion."

"Yeah, your f*cking opinion!" Stewart exclaimed. "That's your opinion! It means nothing ... You know, based on its flavor I think lead paint is good to drink. That's my opinion."

He then went on to mock real estate mogul Donald Trump, who complained about airport closures and freezing temperatures even as he insisted global warming was a hoax.

"Oh, so global warming must be a hoax because Mr. Trump would never conceal a bald-faced truth, or go through any effort to hide ... when something is clearly receding over the years," Stewart said.

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: