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Jon Stewart To Putin: Olympic Gold Doesn't Justify Invading Ukraine (VIDEO)


On Monday night's "Daily Show" Stewart mocked the Russian leader, who is fond of shedding his shirt in photos, for breaking the Olympic "spirit of cooperation" and invading Ukraine's Crimea region.

"Russian forces are storming Ukrainian bases. That is blatant naked aggression," he said. "Or at least, disturbingly shirtless aggression."

Stewart then wondered if Putin considered the Olympic parade of nations as nothing more than a "browsing opportunity" to find his next target for invasion.

"Putie, is this because you got more golds than everybody else? Because you realize Olympic wins are not internationally binding, right?" he asked. "Unless Norway there was just three gold medals away from embarking on a pickled-herring-fueled quest for world domination."

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: