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Stewart Rips 'Hypocritical' Harry Reid For Blasting Kochs, Backing Adelson (VIDEO)


Stewart was so taken aback on Tuesday's "The Daily Show" by Reid's defense of Adelson, who spent $90 million on Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential election, that Jason Jones had to break it down for him.

"Isn't it hypocritical for Harry Reid to draw a distinction between Sheldon Adelson's money and the Koch brothers?" Stewart asked.

Jones said the answer was pretty self-evident -- Adelson's money and power in Reid's home state helps the senator, while the Koch brother's dollars do not.

"So what is corruption?" Stewart asked.

"Corruption is a billionaire who spends their money on sh*t you don't like," Jones said, and free speech is "a billionaire who spends money on sh*t you do like."

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: