Jon Stewart Rips Israeli Criticism Of Kerry: ‘What The F*ck?’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took on Israel’s harsh criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday’s “The Daily Show.”

While Stewart said the United Nations and Pope Francis couldn’t do anything to resolve the conflict “but shake their heads and sigh,” Kerry actually tried to broker a cease-fire over the weekend between Israel and Hamas. Israel’s security cabinet unanimously rejected the proposal.

“Wow, unanimously? Jews don’t usually agree 100 percent on anything,” Stewart quipped.

The comedian then laid into the anonymous senior Israeli officials who branded Kerry’s attempt to broker a cease-fire a “strategic terror attack” against them.

“What the f*ck?” he said. “That stings a bit. A short-term cease-fire agreement that includes stipulations Israel disagrees with is a ‘strategic terrorist attack’ against you? ‘You, John Kerry, have hit us with a strategic terrorist attack — and also the Iron Dome system your country helped us develop and fund. Eh, we could use another $300 million or more to top it off. We’ve been using it a lot lately.'”

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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