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Jon Stewart Skewers The Media's Hype Over The Ebola Virus


Stewart opened the show celebrating the “good news” of sanctions being placed on Russia and a cease-fire in Gaza, saying it was something to commemorate after a “doomsday-y” summer.

The screen then flashed to several news stations’ reports on the “Ebola alert” and the “fast growing Ebola outbreak.” Stewart responded with sheer panic.

“What the f**k! Oh my god!” Stewart exclaimed wearing a plastic hood and squirting hand sanitizer on his face. “First it was war, then it was plague, we’re either in the end times or a sci-fi original movie. We’re all in danger!”

Stewart calmed for a moment after learning that Ebola cases were mostly contained to West Africa, but then came word that a patient in New York was being tested for Ebola after experiencing symptoms.

That pushed Stewart back into a frenzy. He began taping pieces of the plastic hood to his face.

Watch below, from Comedy Central: